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1. DCQCN is an end-to-end congestion control scheme for RoCEv2 that improves throughput and fairness of RDMA traffic.

2. DCQCN is implemented in Mellanox NICs and is being deployed in Microsoft's datacenters.

3. A fluid model was built to optimize DCQCN performance, providing guidelines for tuning switch buffer thresholds and other protocol parameters.

Article analysis:

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the DCQCN congestion control scheme for RoCEv2, which has been implemented in Mellanox NICs and deployed in Microsoft's datacenters. The article includes references to relevant research papers, which adds credibility to the claims made by the authors. However, there are some potential biases that should be noted. For example, the authors do not discuss any potential risks associated with deploying this technology or any possible counterarguments to their claims. Additionally, the article does not provide any evidence for its claims or explore any alternative solutions that could be used instead of DCQCN. Furthermore, it does not present both sides of the argument equally; instead it focuses solely on promoting the benefits of using this technology without considering any drawbacks or limitations. As such, while this article provides a useful overview of DCQCN, readers should be aware of these potential biases when evaluating its trustworthiness and reliability.