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Episodes - The Astrology Podcast
Source: theastrologypodcast.com
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1. This article lists every episode of The Astrology Podcast in chronological order.

2. The episodes cover a range of topics including electional astrology, house division, and the astrology of specific events such as the 2012 presidential election.

3. The podcast also features interviews with notable astrologers such as Robert Hand and Lee Lehman, and explores controversial topics like the use of astrology by Joan Quigley for Ronald Reagan.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Episodes - The Astrology Podcast" provides a concise list of every episode of The Astrology Podcast that has been released so far, in chronological order. However, the article lacks critical analysis and is merely a list of episodes with their sources.

One potential bias in the article is the promotion of astrology as a legitimate practice without providing any counterarguments or evidence to support its claims. The article presents astrology as a valid form of divination without acknowledging the scientific community's skepticism towards it.

Moreover, the article does not explore the potential risks associated with relying on astrology for decision-making. It fails to mention that astrology can lead to confirmation bias and may cause individuals to make decisions based on false assumptions.

Additionally, the article does not present both sides equally. It only provides sources that support astrology and does not include any sources that criticize or question its validity.

Furthermore, some episodes may contain one-sided reporting or unsupported claims. For instance, "The Future of Astrology" episode may make predictions about the future of astrology without providing any evidence to support them.

In conclusion, while the article provides a comprehensive list of episodes from The Astrology Podcast, it lacks critical analysis and may promote astrology without acknowledging its potential risks or presenting both sides equally. Readers should approach this content with caution and seek additional information before making any decisions based on astrological practices.