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1. Wheat rust pathogen MainPgt continues to overcome resistant wheat cultivars, with three highly virulent isolates emerging in the last 20 years.

2. Combining all-stage resistance (ASR) genes and adult plant resistance (APR) genes provides the most durable resistance against Pgt, a fungal rust pathogen that affects wheat crops.

3. A transgene cassette of four ASR genes (Sr22, Sr35, Sr45 and Sr50), combined with the APR gene Sr55, has been introduced into bread wheat as a single locus using a reiterative Gateway recombinase cloning strategy that uses excisable lacZ selection for large-construct generation.

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1. 偏袒转基因技术:该文章没有探讨转基因技术可能带来的风险和不确定性,也没有平等地呈现双方观点。这可能导致读者对转基因技术的看法产生偏见。

2. 缺乏实证数据:虽然该文章声称将多个抗病基因组合成一个转基因卡式可以提高小麦对锈菌病的抵抗力,但缺乏实证数据来支持这一主张。此外,该文章也没有探讨其他可能的方法来提高小麦对锈菌病的抵抗力。

3. 片面报道:该文章只关注了小麦对锈菌病的抵抗力,而忽略了其他可能影响农作物产量和质量的因素。例如,转基因技术可能会影响土壤微生物群落和生态系统稳定性。

4. 宣传内容:该文章似乎旨在宣传一种新型转基因技术,并未全面评估其潜在风险和不确定性。这可能会误导读者,使他们认为该技术是解决农业问题的唯一方法。