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1. "Hey hanging" is considered rude workplace behavior in digital workspaces such as Slack or Google Chat. It refers to sending a message with just "hey" and no follow-up or clear purpose, leaving the recipient confused and unsure of how to respond.

2. Asynchronous communication, where there is a lag time between messages, is common in digital workspaces due to different schedules and remote work. However, it is important to provide clear agendas and purposes in messages to avoid misunderstandings and anxiety.

3. To avoid hey hanging, it is recommended to directly explain what you need or want from the recipient in the first message. Adding friendly qualifiers like "OK, great" can also make responses cheerier. If you receive a hey hanger message, take control by responding politely and letting them know your availability without feeling anxious.

Article analysis:


首先,文章没有提供足够的证据来支持作者对“hey hanging”行为的批评。虽然有人可能会感到困惑或不舒服,但并没有明确证明这种行为会导致负面影响或降低工作效率。文章只是引用了一些专家的观点,但没有提供实际案例或研究结果来支持这些观点。

其次,文章忽略了不同工作文化和个人之间的差异。有些人可能更喜欢直接沟通,而不需要过多的前言或解释。因此,将所有人都归类为对“hey hanging”感到困惑或焦虑是不公平和片面的。


最后,文章没有探讨如何处理“hey hanger”的情况以及如何建立更好的沟通方式。仅仅告诉读者要直接表达自己的需求并避免使用简短的回复是不够的。实际上,建立良好的工作关系和沟通习惯需要更多的努力和双方共同参与。

总之,这篇文章在讨论“hey hanging”行为时存在一些潜在的偏见和片面报道。它没有提供足够的证据来支持其主张,并忽略了不同工作文化和个人之间的差异。此外,文章也没有探讨如何处理这种情况以及如何建立更好的沟通方式。