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1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre of indulging in “conspiracy theories” and “undermining democracy”.

2. Poilievre pointed to inflation and the high price of food and fuel as reasons for concern for Canadians.

3. Trudeau is accused of ignoring the real world issues such as young people not being able to afford rental accommodation, home ownership being a whimsical notion, chaotic airports, creaking hospitals, western alienation, and Quebec's new French language law.

Article analysis:

This article is written from a biased perspective that favors the Liberal Party and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the Conservative Party and its leader Pierre Poilievre. The author does not present both sides equally or fairly; instead they focus on criticizing Poilievre while praising Trudeau. The article also fails to provide any evidence or sources to back up its claims about Poilievre's "conspiracy theories" or Trudeau's successes. Furthermore, it does not explore any counterarguments or consider any risks associated with Trudeau's policies or actions. Additionally, there are promotional elements in the article such as advertisements which could be seen as an attempt to influence readers' opinions in favor of the Liberal Party. In conclusion, this article is unreliable due to its biased perspective and lack of evidence for its claims.