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1. The intranasal trigeminal nerve branches play an important role in protecting the respiratory system from toxic vapors and interacting with the olfactory system in the perception of odorants.

2. Many volatiles used in olfactory research produce clearly noticeable intranasal trigeminal sensations at high stimulus concentrations, which are typically described as stinging, burning, tickling, warm, cool, or painful.

3. Psychometric measurements were conducted to obtain quantitative information on the perceptual responses of humans to intranasal trigeminal stimulation by inhaled vapors, and preliminary studies using multiple regression and pattern recognition analyses were conducted to determine whether the perceived trigeminal intensities of these highly concentrated stimulants could be predicted or categorized on the basis of physicochemical and/or molecular structural parameters.

Article analysis:


1. 偏见来源:文章没有提到作者的背景和利益关系,可能存在偏见来源。

2. 片面报道:文章只探讨了化学物质对三叉神经的刺激作用,而没有考虑其他可能的影响因素。

3. 无根据的主张:文章中提到“很多气味化学物质具有刺激自由神经末梢的能力”,但并未提供足够证据支持这一观点。

4. 缺失的考虑点:文章没有考虑不同人群对气味刺激的感知差异,也没有考虑环境因素对感知反应的影响。

5. 所提出主张缺失证据:文章中提到“通过使用缺乏嗅觉神经功能的患者,最近的研究已经确定了许多在嗅觉研究中使用的挥发性物质在高浓度下明显产生鼻内三叉神经感觉”,但并未提供足够证据支持这一观点。

6. 未探索的反驳:文章没有探讨可能存在的反驳观点或争议,缺乏全面性和客观性。

7. 宣传内容:文章中提到“通过使用患者,我们可以确定哪些化学物质具有刺激鼻内三叉神经的能力”,这种语言可能会误导读者认为该研究具有更广泛的应用价值。