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1. The protagonist has a fascination with disaster and bad things happening.

2. The city of Los Angeles is experiencing a string of gruesome murders, causing fear among the residents.

3. The protagonist is trying to forget someone from their past who tainted their hometown.

Article analysis:

The article "Lethal Attraction - Chapter 1" by desolationglow on Archive of Our Own is a fictional story about two friends, one of whom engages in sex work to make ends meet. The story takes place in Los Angeles during a time when there are gruesome murders happening in the city, and the killer has been dubbed "The Vampire."

While the story is well-written and engaging, it does contain some potential biases and missing points of consideration. For example, the protagonist mentions that sometimes they want bad things to happen, but doesn't explore why this might be or whether it's a healthy mindset. Additionally, the story portrays sex work as an easy way to make money without a college degree, without acknowledging the risks and dangers involved in this line of work.

Furthermore, the story only presents one side of the issue regarding the murders happening in Los Angeles. While it acknowledges that they are gruesome and disturbing, it doesn't explore any potential reasons for why they might be happening or offer any solutions for how to prevent them. This could lead readers to feel more fearful or anxious about their safety without providing any constructive ways to address these concerns.

Overall, while "Lethal Attraction - Chapter 1" is an entertaining read, it could benefit from more exploration of its themes and issues.