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1. Mud crab farming is a profitable business with high demand and price in the international market.

2. Proper training and an effective business plan are essential for success in mud crab farming.

3. Water quality is critical for the growth and survival of mud crabs, and regular testing and adjustments are necessary to maintain optimal conditions.

Article analysis:

The article provides a comprehensive guide to starting a mud crab farming business, including tips on training, business planning, selecting the right species and farming methods, and maintaining water quality. However, there are some potential biases and missing points of consideration that should be noted.

Firstly, the article focuses mainly on the profitability of mud crab farming without addressing potential environmental impacts or ethical concerns. Crab farming can have negative effects on local ecosystems if not managed properly, such as pollution from waste and chemicals used in feed. Additionally, there may be concerns about animal welfare in intensive farming systems.

Secondly, the article does not provide enough information on the costs associated with starting and running a mud crab farm. While it mentions that the business can be highly profitable, it does not address potential risks or challenges that could impact profitability.

Thirdly, the article only presents one side of the argument for selecting certain species and farming methods. While it provides information on popular species like Giant Mud Crab and Red Mud Crab, it does not mention any potential drawbacks or alternatives to these species. Similarly, while it promotes fattening systems as more profitable than grow out systems, it does not explore any counterarguments or potential downsides to this method.

Overall, while the article provides useful information for those interested in starting a mud crab farming business, readers should consider additional sources of information to fully understand the risks and benefits associated with this industry.