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1. The Passport Index has reported that global mobility is on the rise, with passport holders around the world receiving permission to travel to more countries without a visa than ever before.

2. There is still a massive mobility gap between the most and least powerful passports, which has big implications for where people can travel, reside and work.

3. Artists have explored this divide in their works, highlighting the inequities of the global passport regime and imagining a world without borders or passport controls.

Article analysis:

The article “Passport ranking: The world is opening up, but not for everyone” provides an overview of the current state of global mobility and how it affects different passport holders around the world. The article relies heavily on data from The Passport Index and Arton Capital to make its points about increasing global openness and persistent inequities in the global passport regime. While these sources are reliable, there is no mention of any other sources that could provide additional context or counterarguments to the claims made in the article. Additionally, while some potential risks are noted (such as struggling economies, large displaced populations and turbulent histories of foreign invasion and civil war), they are not explored in depth or presented as equally valid points of consideration alongside increased global openness. Furthermore, while artists such as Helena Waldmann and Ai Weiwei are mentioned as having explored this divide in their works, there is no mention of any other perspectives or counterarguments that could be used to challenge these views. As such, this article appears to be biased towards one side of the argument – that increased global openness is beneficial – without exploring any potential drawbacks or risks associated with it.