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1. The gap between policy and practice in migration control has been attributed to contradictions within liberal states, clientelist political agendas, and institutional constraints.

2. Malaysia's attempts to regulate its population of foreign workers have been unsuccessful despite its relatively effective state capacity and enforcement mechanisms.

3. The complexity of migration control is highlighted by the variety of policies deployed by the Malaysian government, which alternately regularize, punish, and promote voluntary return of foreign workers.

Article analysis:

The article "Managing labour migration in Malaysia: foreign workers and the challenges of ‘control’ beyond liberal democracies" provides an insightful analysis of the challenges faced by Malaysia in managing its population of foreign workers. The author argues that the common portrayal of migration policy as a gap between policy and practice is limited, as it tends to focus on liberal democratic states and ignores specific policies that target migration management and control.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on Malaysia, which may not be representative of other countries' experiences with managing foreign workers. Additionally, the author's emphasis on specific policies may overlook broader structural factors that influence migration patterns, such as economic trends or political structures.

The article also lacks evidence for some of its claims, such as the assertion that research on migration control has disproportionately focused on the Global North. While this may be true, the author does not provide any data to support this claim.

Furthermore, the article could benefit from exploring counterarguments to its claims. For example, while the author argues that authoritarian states are also influenced by political and economic conditions in shaping migration policy, it is possible that these states have more leeway in implementing restrictive policies than liberal democracies do.

Overall, while the article provides valuable insights into Malaysia's experience with managing foreign workers, it could benefit from a more nuanced consideration of broader structural factors influencing migration patterns and a more balanced presentation of counterarguments.