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1. The article discusses the concept of gender and how it has been theorized in the face of social change.

2. It argues that while there may be some essential aspects to gender, such as biological differences, much of what we consider to be gender is socially constructed and can change over time.

3. The article suggests that in order to fully understand gender and its role in society, we need to take into account both essential and socially constructed aspects, as well as the ways in which they interact with each other.

Article analysis:

Unfortunately, the article title and accompanying text do not provide enough information to conduct a critical analysis of the content. The title suggests that the article may be discussing gender and social change, but without access to the full article, it is impossible to determine its potential biases or any one-sided reporting. Additionally, there is no evidence presented in the text to support any claims made or counterarguments explored.

It is important to note that the disclaimer at the bottom of the text warns that there may be URLs/links included in the full article that redirect readers to non-EBSCO sites. This could potentially introduce bias or promotional content into the article, but again, without access to the full text it is impossible to determine if this is an issue.

Overall, while it is important to critically analyze articles and their potential biases and shortcomings, it is difficult to do so based solely on a vague title and brief accompanying text.