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1. Dichotomy, or dualistic thinking, is a fundamental aspect of human thought and language.

2. Binary line segments make up conceptual entities in a conceptual space, with duality being the minimum dependency for extension.

3. While duality cannot be denied, attempts to transcend it can involve focusing on other dimensions and incorporating pluralism.

Article analysis:

The article "Duality and Order" provides an in-depth exploration of the prevalence of dualistic thinking in human society. The author argues that dichotomy is the basic way of human thinking, and that this nature and tendency originates from the beginning of human existence when humans separated from nature and became self-conscious. The article provides a comprehensive list of dichotomous terms across various disciplines, highlighting the powerful influence of dualistic thinking on our understanding of the world.

However, while the article acknowledges the disadvantages of dichotomies and attempts to transcend them, it fails to provide a balanced perspective on this issue. The author suggests that dualistic thinking cannot be eliminated, but only transcended through other forms of binary thinking such as dialectics or Taoist concepts. This assertion is not supported by evidence or counterarguments, leaving readers with a one-sided view.

Moreover, the article's focus on duality as a fundamental aspect of human thought overlooks other important dimensions such as ternary or quadratic elements. While acknowledging their existence, these are presented as secondary to duality rather than equally valid ways of understanding the world.

The article also contains some promotional content for certain philosophical concepts such as Popper's falsification method or Baudrillard's concept of life and death. These ideas are presented without critical evaluation or consideration of alternative perspectives.

Overall, while "Duality and Order" provides an interesting exploration of dualistic thinking in human society, it falls short in providing a balanced perspective on this issue. The article could benefit from more critical evaluation and consideration of alternative viewpoints to provide readers with a more nuanced understanding.