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1. The concept of "girl crush" in K-pop refers to a dynamic meaning that often boils down to visuals and message, conveying the image of ferocity and female empowerment.

2. Precedents of the girl crush concept can be traced back to the 1990s with pop singer Lee Sang-eun, but it became more developed by second-generation acts like 2NE1, 4Minute, miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, and f(x).

3. BLACKPINK is K-pop's most visible representative of the girl crush concept in 2018, with their music video for "DDU-DU DDU-DU" becoming one of the most-viewed in 24 hours of all time and their first Billboard Hot 100 entry at No. 55.

Article analysis:

该文章主要探讨了K-pop中的“girl crush”概念,以及它如何吸引女性粉丝并在2018年与女权主义进行斗争。然而,该文章存在一些偏见和片面报道。

首先,该文章没有提到“girl crush”概念可能存在的性别刻板印象和对LGBTQ群体的消极影响。虽然作者提到了“gal pals”这个词汇,但未深入探讨其可能带来的问题。

其次,该文章将“girl crush”概念简单地定义为“坚强、男孩子气、有时性感”的形象,并未考虑到不同文化背景下对于女性力量和自我表达方式的理解可能存在差异。此外,该文章也没有提供足够的证据来支持其所述的“girl crush”是K-pop中最流行的概念之一。