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1. Procrastination is driven by the subjective value of a task, which can be influenced by factors such as delay discounting and mental effort.

2. To overcome procrastination, one must find a way to increase the subjective value of working now relative to other activities.

3. Studies have shown that people tend to procrastinate more on tasks they find unpleasant due to the intrinsic cost of mental effort.

Article analysis:

The article provides an interesting overview of the psychological origins of procrastination and offers some potential solutions for overcoming it. The author draws on research from neuroscience and psychology to explain why people procrastinate and how they can stop putting things off. The article is well-written and provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, making it an informative read for those interested in understanding procrastination better.

However, there are some potential biases in the article that should be noted. For example, the author does not explore any counterarguments or alternative perspectives on procrastination, which could provide a more balanced view of the issue. Additionally, while the author cites studies to support their claims, they do not provide any evidence for these studies or discuss any potential limitations or risks associated with them. Furthermore, some of the advice provided may be too simplistic for certain readers; while it may work for some people, others may need more detailed strategies in order to effectively combat their tendency to procrastinate.

In conclusion, this article provides an interesting overview of procrastination and offers some useful advice on how to overcome it; however, readers should be aware that there are potential biases present in the article that could lead to an incomplete understanding of this complex issue.