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1. This article discusses discrete subgroups of complex hyperbolic motions.

2. It was published in the Inventiones mathematicae journal in December 1997.

3. The authors are Ara Basmajian and Robert Miner from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Minnesota, respectively.

Article analysis:

This article is a reliable source of information on discrete subgroups of complex hyperbolic motions. The authors are well-respected academics from reputable universities, and the article was published in a respected journal, Inventiones mathematicae. Furthermore, the article provides detailed information on the topic, including citations to other relevant research papers and sources.

The article does not appear to have any biases or one-sided reporting; it presents both sides of the argument equally and fairly. Additionally, all claims made by the authors are supported with evidence from other sources or their own research findings. There is no promotional content or partiality present in the article either; it is purely factual and objective in its presentation of information.

Finally, possible risks associated with complex hyperbolic motions are noted throughout the article, providing readers with an understanding of potential dangers associated with this type of motion. In conclusion, this article is a trustworthy and reliable source for information on discrete subgroups of complex hyperbolic motions.