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1. The case involves a dispute between Nitya Dharamananda and Sri Gopal Sheelum Reddy, also known as Nithya Bhaktananda.

2. The petitioner, Nitya Dharamananda, had accused the respondent of cheating and criminal breach of trust in relation to a property transaction.

3. The High Court dismissed the appeal filed by Nitya Dharamananda against the lower court's decision to discharge the respondent from the case due to lack of evidence.

Article analysis:

The article titled "NITYA DHARMANANDA @ K. LENIN v. SRI GOPAL SHEELUM REDDY ALSO KNOWN AS NITHYA BHAKTANANDA" provides a brief overview of a criminal appeal case decided by Hon'ble Mr. Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel on December 7, 2017. The case involves the petitioner, Nitya Dharmananda (also known as K. Lenin), and the respondent, Sri Gopal Sheelum Reddy (also known as Nithya Bhaktananda).

The article does not provide any background information about the case or the parties involved, which makes it difficult to understand the context of the judgment. It also does not mention the charges against either party or the outcome of the case.

The article mentions the names of the advocates representing both parties but does not provide any information about their arguments or submissions in court. This lack of detail makes it difficult to assess whether there was any bias or one-sided reporting in the article.

There is no evidence of unsupported claims or missing points of consideration in this article since it only provides basic information about the case and its outcome.

However, there is a potential for bias in this article due to its brevity and lack of detail. It is possible that important details were left out that could have provided a more complete picture of the case and its outcome.

Overall, this article provides limited information about a criminal appeal case without providing much context or detail. As such, it is difficult to assess whether there was any bias or one-sided reporting in this article.