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1. Jordan Peterson disagreed with a tweet from the official Pope Francis Twitter profile about social justice, stating that there is nothing Christian about it.

2. Peterson's attempt to explain Christianity to the Pope on Twitter was met with ridicule and criticism.

3. Peterson has previously been outspoken about his denial of climate change and government policies, and recently expressed annoyance at a sign encouraging people to use fewer paper towels.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Jordan Peterson just tried to explain to the Pope how Christianity works" is a brief report on a Twitter exchange between Jordan Peterson and the official Pope Francis Twitter profile. The article presents a biased view of Peterson, portraying him as an arrogant and controversial figure who tries to lecture the Pope on Christianity. The article also fails to provide any evidence or counterarguments to support its claims.

One of the main biases in the article is its portrayal of Peterson as an arrogant and controversial figure. The author uses phrases like "self-confidence," "controversial Canadian psychologist," and "outspoken about his denial of climate change" to create a negative image of Peterson. This bias is evident in the way the author describes Peterson's response to the Pope's tweet, which is presented as an attempt by Peterson to explain how Christianity works.

Another bias in the article is its one-sided reporting. The author only presents one side of the argument, which is that there is nothing Christian about social justice, and ignores any counterarguments or evidence that might contradict this view. For example, the author does not mention any biblical passages that support social justice or any theological arguments for it.

The article also contains unsupported claims and missing points of consideration. For instance, when discussing Peterson's response to a sign encouraging people to use fewer paper towels, the author claims that "the friendly reminder did not sit well with Peterson." However, there is no evidence provided for this claim, nor is there any explanation given for why it might bother him.

Moreover, unexplored counterarguments are another issue with this article. The author does not consider any opposing views or arguments against Peterson's position on social justice or his denial of climate change. This lack of balance makes it difficult for readers to form their own opinions on these issues.

Finally, promotional content and partiality are other potential biases in this article. The author seems to be promoting their own opinion rather than presenting objective facts or balanced reporting. Additionally, possible risks associated with taking sides on such sensitive topics are not noted.

In conclusion, this article suffers from several biases and shortcomings that make it difficult for readers to form informed opinions on Jordan Peterson's views on social justice and Christianity. It would have been more helpful if the author had presented both sides equally and explored counterarguments instead of promoting their own opinion without providing sufficient evidence or context.