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1. The Federal Trade Commission enforces labeling requirements for textile and wool products, which require labels listing the fiber content, country of origin and identity of the manufacturer or another business responsible for marketing or handling the item.

2. The FTC has updated their rules to allow more internationally-recognized fiber names used in the International Organization for Standardization’s 2010 standard for generic names of man-made fibers, as well as hang-tags disclosing fiber names and trademarks and non-deceptive performance information without having to disclose the product’s full fiber content on the tag.

3. The FTC has also clarified their rules to reflect that business paperwork often is in electronic form, allowing for the preservation of records in forms other than paper.

Article analysis:

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the labeling requirements under the Textile and Wool Acts enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It covers topics such as who is covered by these regulations, what types of products are covered, fiber content disclosure requirements, exceptions to these requirements, country of origin labeling requirements, identification of manufacturers/importers/dealers, mechanics of labeling, advertising and catalogs, continuing and separate guaranties, record keeping requirements, enforcement of rules and regulations, etc.

The article appears to be reliable and trustworthy overall; it provides detailed information about each topic discussed with clear explanations that are easy to understand. It also includes endnotes with references to relevant laws and regulations as well as appendices with additional resources such as contact information for questions about the Textile/Wool/Fur Rules and lists of generic names for manufactured fibers. Furthermore, it mentions recent amendments to both Textile Rules (effective May 5th 2014) and Wool Rules (effective July 7th 2014), providing businesses with greater flexibility in marketing their products using certain hang-tags that need not disclose the product’s full fiber content.

The only potential bias present in this article is that it does not provide any counterarguments or opposing views on any of its topics; however this does not detract from its reliability since it is an informational article rather than an opinion piece.