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1. Early mother-child separation can have negative effects on child well-being, including higher levels of child negativity and aggression.

2. The impact of separation on child aggression at age five is mediated by aggression at age three, suggesting that the effects are persistent.

3. Attachment theory emphasizes the importance of caregiver availability and accessibility for secure attachment and positive child development.

Article analysis:

Based on the provided article text, it is difficult to conduct a detailed critical analysis as the content is incomplete and only provides a list of sections and sources. However, I can provide some general insights based on the information available.

One potential bias in this article could be the focus on early mother-child separation as a disruption to the family system without considering other factors that may contribute to child well-being. The article seems to suggest that early separation is solely responsible for negative outcomes in children's behavior, such as aggression. However, it does not explore other potential factors that may influence child development, such as socioeconomic status, parenting styles, or genetic predispositions.

Additionally, the article does not provide evidence or support for its claims about the impact of early separation on child behavior. It mentions multiple regression models but does not provide any specific findings or statistical analyses. Without this information, it is difficult to evaluate the validity of the claims made.

Furthermore, there is no mention of any counterarguments or alternative perspectives on the topic of early mother-child separation. This lack of balance in reporting limits the reader's ability to critically assess the information presented.

The article also lacks information about potential risks associated with early mother-child separation. While it briefly mentions that separations can negatively impact the quality of the relationship between mother and child, it does not delve into potential long-term consequences or discuss strategies for mitigating these risks.

Overall, based on the limited information provided in this article text, there are several areas where further exploration and evidence are needed to support its claims and provide a comprehensive analysis of early mother-child separation and its effects on parenting and child well-being.