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1. Two senators have reintroduced legislation to reform pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and prohibit clawbacks of pharmacy payments.

2. The Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act seeks to outlaw unfair practices such as clawbacks and charging fees to pharmacies.

3. The Prescription Pricing for the People Act would require the FTC to examine consolidation within the PBM industry and craft policy recommendations to Congress on how to rein in any abusive behavior by PBMs.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable, providing a comprehensive overview of two pieces of legislation that have been reintroduced by two top senators in order to introduce reforms to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). It provides clear details about what each bill seeks to do, including prohibiting clawbacks of pharmacy payments, mandating that PBMs file an annual report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), requiring the FTC to examine consolidation within the PBM industry, and crafting policy recommendations for Congress on how to rein in any abusive behavior by PBMs. The article also includes quotes from both proponents and opponents of the bills, which adds balance and credibility.

However, there are some potential biases present in the article. For example, it does not explore counterarguments or provide evidence for some of its claims about PBMs’ practices being unfair or anticompetitive. Additionally, it does not mention any possible risks associated with introducing these reforms or provide an equal amount of coverage for both sides of the argument. Furthermore, it does not provide any information about who is funding these bills or who stands to benefit from their passage. These points should be considered when evaluating the trustworthiness and reliability of this article.