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1. 2D van der Waals (vdWs) heterostructures have outstanding properties, including high optical absorption, negative differential conductance, and broad-band spectrum range.

2. Type-II band alignment in 2D vdWs heterostructure offers many fascinating benefits, such as rapid carrier separation at the heterostructure interface, larger optical absorption spectral band for broadband detection, and interlayer transition mechanism that can break the bandgap limitation and achieve high optical parameters.

3. Strong binding energy is required to achieve strong interlayer transition in type-II vdWs heterostructures, which can be calculated from density functional theory. Vertical stacking technique can construct type-II band structures in vdWs heterostructures with sharp peaks in the density of states (DOS).

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该文章是一篇关于2D材料中van der Waals异质结构在近红外光电探测器中的应用的综述性文章。文章介绍了不同类型的vdWs异质结构及其在光电子器件中的应用,重点讨论了type-II异质结构的优势和特点。