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1. Kuwaiti population's health information seeking behavior during COVID-19 pandemic: The article discusses the various sources of health information that the Kuwaiti population relied on during the COVID-19 pandemic, including social media, traditional media, and healthcare professionals. It also highlights the importance of accurate and reliable information in promoting public health.

2. Role of librarians and information professionals during COVID-19 pandemic: The article emphasizes the crucial role played by librarians and information professionals in disseminating accurate and reliable health information to the public during the pandemic. It also discusses how libraries can adapt to changing circumstances and provide remote access to resources.

3. Impact of social media on public perception during pandemics: The article highlights the impact of social media on public perception during pandemics, including its potential to spread misinformation and cause panic. It emphasizes the need for individuals to critically evaluate sources of information and rely on trusted sources such as healthcare professionals and government agencies.

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