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Source: defiantjs.com
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1. Defiant enables lightning-fast searches on JSON using XPath expressions and transforms JSON using XSLT.

2. Defiant can be used in both browser and Node.js environments, with the latter utilizing the library puppeteer to mimic a browser environment.

3. Defiant offers powerful methods for refined data selections, faceted searches, and smart templating using XSLT and XPath.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Defiant.js" provides an overview of the features and capabilities of Defiant, a JavaScript library that enables lightning-fast searches on JSON using XPath expressions and transforms JSON using XSLT. While the article presents some useful information about the library, it also has several biases and limitations that need to be considered.

One-sided reporting is evident in the article as it only highlights the benefits of using Defiant without discussing any potential drawbacks or limitations. For example, while the article mentions that Defiant can be used in Node.js environment, it does not discuss any possible performance issues or compatibility problems that may arise when using it in such an environment.

The article also makes unsupported claims about the performance of Defiant. For instance, it claims that using snapshot search can improve search performance more than 100 times compared to regular search. However, there is no evidence provided to support this claim, and it is unclear how this improvement was measured or tested.

Moreover, the article contains promotional content as it emphasizes the benefits of using Defiant for data selection and manipulation without providing a balanced view of other similar libraries or tools available in the market. This partiality could lead readers to believe that Defiant is the best option available without considering other alternatives.

Another limitation of the article is its lack of exploration of counterarguments or potential risks associated with using Defiant. For example, while Facet search is presented as a useful feature, there is no discussion about any privacy concerns or security risks associated with grouping and counting user data.

In conclusion, while the article provides some useful information about Defiant's features and capabilities, its biases and limitations need to be considered before making any decisions about using this library. It would be helpful if future articles provide a more balanced view by discussing both advantages and disadvantages associated with using such tools.