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1. Fitch Ratings has said that the report of short seller Hindenburg is not going to have any impact on the ratings of Adani group companies and their securities.

2. Fitch will continue to closely monitor the Adani group companies which it has rated, including their financing, cost of financing in the long term, and any ESG-related issues.

3. CRISIL has also said that it is constantly monitoring all the ratings given to the Adani group and will continue to monitor any regulatory or government action on corporate governance or the company's ability to raise money from banks or capital markets.

Article analysis:

The article provides a brief overview of Fitch Ratings’ statement regarding its assessment of Adani Group’s ratings in light of recent reports by short seller Hindenburg Research. The article does not provide much detail about the research report itself, nor does it explore any potential counterarguments or risks associated with Fitch’s assessment. Additionally, there is no evidence provided for Fitch’s claims that there is no impact on Adani Group’s ratings at present, nor is there an exploration of how this could change in the future. Furthermore, while CRISIL’s statement is mentioned briefly, there is no further discussion about what kind of monitoring they are doing or what kind of action they may take if necessary. Finally, there appears to be some promotional content at the end of the article which detracts from its overall credibility and trustworthiness.