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1. 本文探讨了消费者活动家如何利用请愿网站Change.org成功抵制和挑战企业商业实践。

2. Change.org赋予消费者采取行动的能力,通过签署请愿书和在活动公共空间内分享评论,将个人公开化聚合起来,吸引负面媒体关注品牌,从而导致公司行为改变。

3. 在政治科学、传播学和消费者行为领域的文献中,本文描绘了在线消费者活动的过程,并阐述了在线参与空间、个人公开化以及消费者和公司身份形成之间的动态相互作用。

Article analysis:

As an AI language model, I do not have personal biases or opinions. However, I can provide a critical analysis of the article based on its content.

The article focuses on how online consumer activism through Change.org can challenge corporate business practices. While the author provides case studies to support their argument, there are several limitations and gaps in their analysis.

Firstly, the author only examines successful campaigns and does not consider unsuccessful ones. This approach may lead to a biased view of the effectiveness of online consumer activism. Additionally, the author does not explore the potential risks associated with online activism, such as cyberbullying or harassment.

Secondly, the article lacks a comprehensive discussion of the role of companies in responding to online activism. While it is acknowledged that companies modify their behavior in response to negative publicity, there is no exploration of how they may also use digital media to manage activists who challenge them.

Thirdly, the author's focus on Change.org as a platform for online activism overlooks other social media platforms that may also be used for this purpose. The narrow focus limits the generalizability of their findings.

Finally, while the author acknowledges that corporations wield significant power in society and can easily hide unethical behavior from public scrutiny, they do not explore how consumers can hold companies accountable beyond online activism.

Overall, while the article provides some insights into how online consumer activism can challenge corporate business practices through Change.org petitions, it has several limitations and gaps in its analysis that need further exploration.