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1. AI image-generating programs are causing concern among artists as they fear their livelihoods will be threatened by the automation of their work.

2. The problem with AI is not the technology itself, but rather the capitalist economic system in which it is being introduced, causing fluctuations in the value of labor and widespread suffering.

3. Under a socialist economic system, automating jobs would be seen as a positive step towards abundance for all, rather than a threat to individual livelihoods.

Article analysis:

The article "The Problem With AI Is the Problem With Capitalism" argues that the introduction of generative AI into a capitalist society poses a significant threat to people's livelihoods. The author highlights how artists, paralegals, programmers, market researchers, customer-service agents, and financial analysts are at risk of losing their jobs due to automation. The article suggests that in a socialist economic system, automating many jobs would be a good thing as it would lead to abundance for everyone.

While the article raises valid concerns about the impact of AI on employment and the economy, it presents a one-sided view of capitalism and socialism. The author assumes that socialism is inherently better than capitalism without acknowledging the potential drawbacks of socialism. For example, under socialism, there may be less incentive for innovation and entrepreneurship as individuals may not have the same opportunities to reap rewards for their efforts.

Additionally, the article overlooks the fact that automation has been happening for centuries and has led to significant improvements in productivity and living standards. While some jobs may become obsolete due to automation, new jobs will emerge in other areas such as AI development and maintenance.

Furthermore, the article makes unsupported claims about AI's ability to produce creative works that match or surpass human abilities. While AI can generate impressive results based on pre-existing data sets or prompts entered by humans, it is still limited by its programming and lacks true creativity or originality.

The article also fails to consider potential solutions within a capitalist framework such as retraining programs or universal basic income to support those who lose their jobs due to automation.

Overall, while the article raises important questions about the impact of AI on society and employment, its bias towards socialism and lack of consideration for counterarguments weaken its argument.