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1. The AIGC industry in China is expected to reach a core market size of 7.93 billion yuan in 2023 and 276.74 billion yuan in 2028, driven by the high penetration rate of the internet and increasing digitization of enterprises.

2. Over 90% of users are optimistic about the development prospects of AIGC, with cost reduction and efficiency increase being the most important application value.

3. AIGC will accelerate commercialization in more scenarios as content types continue to enrich, quality improves, and technical versatility and industrialization level increase. Giants at home and abroad are accelerating deployment, with investment and financing scale reaching about 193.8 billion US dollars from 2014 to February 2023.

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首先,该文章没有提供足够的数据和证据来支持其预测。虽然文章提到了iiMedia Consulting的预测结果,但并没有详细说明这些预测是如何得出的,也没有提供其他来源的数据来支持这些预测。