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1. The need for minimally-just autonomy in artificial intelligence (AI) weapons: The article argues that future autonomous AI systems in weapons should prioritize preventing humanitarian errors and acts of fratricide. This can be achieved through a form of minimally-just autonomy using AI, which focuses on averting attacks on protected symbols, sites, and signals of surrender.

2. Distraction from making current weapons compliant with international humanitarian law: The article criticizes the fear surrounding speculative AI, stating that it has diverted attention from ensuring that current weapons are in line with international humanitarian law. It specifically mentions the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, Article 36.1 as an important focus.

3. Moral imperative for MinAI in weapons remains undiminished: Despite concerns about machine learning being fooled or combatants committing perfidy, the article concludes that there is still a moral imperative for implementing MinAI in weapons. It addresses recent research on subverting AI and emphasizes the importance of MinAI in preventing humanitarian crises and saving lives.

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