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1. Opera in mobile does not support extensions.

2. To install extensions from the Google Chrome Store into Opera desktop, download and install the Install Chrome Extensions addon from the Opera Addons Store.

3. Once installed, go to the Google Chrome Web Store in your Opera browser to add extensions.

Article analysis:

The article titled "How to add extension in android phone?" on the Opera forums provides a brief solution for adding extensions to the desktop version of Opera. However, the title is misleading as it suggests that the article will provide instructions for adding extensions to an Android phone, which is not covered in the content.

The article lacks depth and detail, providing only one solution for installing extensions from the Google Chrome Store into Opera. It fails to mention any other methods or alternatives for adding extensions, which could limit users' options.

Furthermore, there is no evidence provided to support the claim that "Opera in mobile does not work." This statement seems unsupported and biased against Opera's mobile version without any explanation or justification.

The article also appears promotional as it recommends downloading an addon from the Opera Addons Store without mentioning any other similar addons available on other platforms. This could suggest partiality towards Opera's own products and services.

Overall, this article lacks thoroughness and impartiality. It presents a one-sided view without exploring counterarguments or alternative solutions. The potential biases include promoting Opera's own products and services while neglecting other options and making unsupported claims about its mobile version.