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1. Low-code/no-code platforms will continue to rise in popularity, allowing businesses to move forward in their digital transformation without a technical resource at every step.

2. Machine learning operations are needed for operational excellence, including automated concept-drift detection and real-time feedback on key model KPIs in production.

3. User experience design is critical for redesigning customer-facing products and services in ways that allow companies to retain and recapture business in today's all-digital environment.

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The article discusses 16 software development trends that are predicted to dominate the technology sector in the coming months. These trends include low-code/no-code platforms, machine learning operations, user experience design, DevSecOps, and more. The predictions are based on insights from members of Forbes Technology Council who study current and forecasted industry trends.

The article presents these trends as important for tech professionals to stay on top of and highlights their potential impact on businesses' digital transformation efforts. However, it does not explore any counterarguments or potential risks associated with these trends.

Overall, the article appears to be promotional in nature as it features insights from members of Forbes Technology Council and includes links to their companies' websites.