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1. The author argues for a participatory socialism that includes educational equality, the circulation of power and property, social federalism, and sustainable globalization.

2. The limitations of past socialist and social democratic experiences are acknowledged, particularly in regards to addressing issues of patriarchy and postcolonialism.

3. The article emphasizes the need for gender parity and social parity to advance together, as well as the importance of considering reparations within a universalist perspective at both national and international levels.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Long Live Socialism!" by Thomas Piketty discusses the author's call for a participatory socialism based on pillars such as educational equality, social federalism, and sustainable globalization. While the article presents some interesting ideas and perspectives, there are several areas where critical analysis is warranted.

One potential bias in the article is the author's strong advocacy for socialism without adequately addressing its historical failures. Piketty briefly mentions the limitations of past socialist and social democratic experiences but does not delve into a comprehensive analysis of why these systems failed or address potential risks associated with implementing socialism. This one-sided reporting undermines the credibility of the argument and fails to provide a balanced perspective.

Furthermore, the article lacks substantial evidence to support its claims. For example, when discussing gender inequality in pay, Piketty states that women do not have access to the same jobs as men, leading to a significant pay gap. However, he does not provide concrete data or studies to support this claim. Without supporting evidence, it becomes difficult to evaluate the validity of his arguments.

Additionally, there are missing points of consideration in the article. While Piketty emphasizes the need for gender parity and social parity to advance together, he does not explore potential challenges or trade-offs that may arise from implementing such measures. It is important to consider unintended consequences and potential conflicts that may arise when trying to achieve multiple goals simultaneously.

The article also lacks exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives. By presenting only one side of the argument without acknowledging opposing viewpoints or potential criticisms, Piketty creates an echo chamber effect that limits critical thinking and analysis.

Moreover, there are instances where promotional content is evident in the article. For example, when discussing international transfers and reparations for historical injustices like slavery, Piketty advocates for a universal system financed by taxing prosperous economic actors. While this may be an appealing idea for some readers, it lacks a thorough examination of its feasibility and potential negative consequences.

Overall, the article suffers from biases, unsupported claims, missing evidence, and a lack of exploration of counterarguments. It presents a one-sided perspective on socialism without adequately addressing its historical failures or potential risks. A more balanced and evidence-based analysis would strengthen the credibility and persuasiveness of the argument presented.