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1. Xi Jinping's rule of law thought has achieved a series of major accomplishments, demonstrating its great practical strength.

2. This strength is manifested in four dimensions: political determination, strategic leadership, hard work promotion and risk challenge response.

3. Xi Jinping's rule of law thought has provided a general blueprint and construction plan for the construction of the rule of law in China, established and improved a series of institutional mechanisms to promote the practice of the rule of law, and provided a scientific system of principles and methods to guide various major struggles to achieve victory.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable as it provides an overview on Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought and its practical implications in China. The article is well-structured with clear points that are supported by evidence from relevant sources. It also provides an objective analysis on how Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought has been implemented in China, without any bias or promotional content. However, there are some potential issues with the article such as lack of counterarguments or alternative perspectives which could have been explored further to provide a more comprehensive view on the topic. Additionally, there is no mention about possible risks associated with Xi Jinping’s rule of law thought which could have been discussed further in order to provide a more balanced perspective on the issue.