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1. Witnesses in Trump's hush money trial testified that he cheated on his wife, sought to cover up indiscretions by paying people off, and then reimbursed his attorney for the payoffs.

2. The trial revealed how poorly the Trump Organization was run, with examples of mismanagement including inflated reimbursements and lack of financial transparency.

3. The article highlighted previous instances of fraud and misconduct within the Trump Organization, casting doubt on Trump's long-vaunted business acumen.

Article analysis:

The article titled "The hush money trial revealed, again, how poorly Trump's business was run" provides a critical analysis of the recent hush money trial involving Donald Trump. The author highlights various instances where Trump's business practices were called into question, such as the reimbursement of expenses to his former fixer Michael Cohen and a court ruling that found the Trump Organization had overstated its wealth.

One potential bias in the article is the heavy focus on negative aspects of Trump's business practices without providing a balanced view. While it is important to highlight any wrongdoing or mismanagement, it is also crucial to present all sides of the story. The article could benefit from exploring any potential justifications or explanations for Trump's actions, as well as including perspectives from supporters or defenders of his business practices.

Additionally, the article makes several unsupported claims, such as implying that privately held companies are more prone to mismanagement than publicly traded ones. While there may be differences in disclosure requirements between private and public companies, it is not accurate to generalize that all privately held companies are run in a slipshod manner.

Furthermore, the article lacks exploration of potential counterarguments or alternative perspectives. For example, it does not delve into possible reasons why Cohen may have been reimbursed for expenses without proper documentation or why the Trump Organization may have overstated its wealth on financial statements.

Overall, while the article raises valid concerns about Trump's business practices, it would benefit from a more balanced approach that considers all angles of the story and provides evidence for its claims. Additionally, exploring potential counterarguments and addressing biases would strengthen the overall credibility and objectivity of the piece.