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1. The article discusses the use of watercolour mediums to enhance watercolour paintings and explores different techniques for using them.

2. It explains how to choose the right oil paper for oil painting, debunking the misconception that oils cannot be used on paper.

3. The article also provides guidance on selecting the right acrylic paper for acrylic painting, comparing it to other art papers and explaining the benefits of using textured papers specifically formulated for acrylic paints.

Article analysis:

The above article is a collection of blog posts from the Ken Bromley Art Supplies website. It includes three different articles on various art mediums: watercolor, oil painting, and acrylic painting.

In terms of potential biases, it is important to note that these articles are published on the website of an art supplies company. Therefore, there may be a promotional bias towards promoting their own products or brands. This can be seen in the titles themselves, which suggest that the articles will guide readers towards purchasing specific products from Ken Bromley Art Supplies.

Additionally, the sources provided for each article are all internal links to other pages on the same website. This raises questions about the objectivity and reliability of the information presented. It would have been more balanced and credible if external sources were included to support the claims made in the articles.

The content of each article also lacks depth and critical analysis. They provide basic information about each medium but do not delve into any complexities or nuances. For example, in the article on watercolor mediums, it simply states that readers can "unlock a new dimension" with these fluids without providing any evidence or examples to support this claim.

Furthermore, there is a lack of exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives. The articles present information from a single viewpoint without considering other approaches or techniques that artists might use. This limits the reader's understanding and prevents them from making informed decisions based on a range of options.

Another issue is that some important considerations are missing from these articles. For example, in the article on oil paper, there is no mention of potential risks or precautions when using oils on paper. This oversight could lead to readers unknowingly damaging their artwork or experiencing issues with longevity.

Overall, these articles appear to be more promotional in nature rather than providing comprehensive and unbiased information about art mediums. The lack of external sources, one-sided reporting, unsupported claims, missing points of consideration, unexplored counterarguments, and promotional content all contribute to a less reliable and informative reading experience.