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1. Some 911 calls from The Covenant School shooting in Nashville have been released, capturing confusion as the attack unfolded.

2. The death toll could have been worse if not for the quick-thinking actions of teachers who locked down classrooms, according to a former police officer who provided active shooter training at the school.

3. Protesters gathered at the Tennessee State Capitol to call for gun control legislation following the shooting, which left six people dead.

Article analysis:

The CNN article provides a detailed account of the recent shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, including the release of some 911 calls and information about the victims and shooter. However, there are some potential biases and missing points of consideration in the article.

One potential bias is the focus on gun control legislation and protests calling for it. While this is an important issue to many people, it may not be the only solution to preventing school shootings. The article does not explore other possible solutions or counterarguments to gun control.

Additionally, there is little information provided about the shooter's motives or mental health history. While it is mentioned that she had concerning messages with a childhood friend prior to the attack and frequent grief-filled posts on social media, there is no exploration of any underlying issues that may have contributed to her actions.

The article also includes some unsupported claims, such as stating that the death toll could have been worse if not for quick-thinking teachers without providing evidence to support this claim. Additionally, while it is mentioned that some victims were able to evacuate safely and others followed proper active shooter training protocols, there is no information provided about any potential risks or shortcomings in these protocols.

Overall, while the article provides a comprehensive overview of the shooting and its aftermath, there are some potential biases and missing points of consideration that could be addressed for a more balanced perspective.