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1. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts aims to double its luxury hotel footprint this decade by taking alternative approaches to building luxury hotels, responding to shifts in consumer tastes.

2. The company chooses locations away from tourist epicenters that can be converted in a lightweight way and can drive high average daily rates under the Rosewood brand.

3. To encourage repeat visits by past customers, the company believes building a network of properties that are all distinctive creates a virtuous cycle of surprise and delight.

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该文章主要介绍了Rosewood Hotels & Resorts的发展战略,旨在通过提供独特的体验来吸引客户。然而,该文章存在一些偏见和不足之处。





总之,虽然该文章提供了有关Rosewood Hotels & Resorts发展战略的有用信息,但它也存在一些偏见和不足之处,需要更全面地考虑该公司的风险和挑战。