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1. Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a rapidly advancing technology that is changing the way search works. It combines generative AI and natural language processing to improve search results and provide more relevant information.

2. Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is a paradigm within SGE that involves collecting relevant documents or data points based on a query and using them to fine-tune the response from a language model. This approach allows for more precise and accurate output, as well as the ability to cite sources.

3. RAG consists of three components: an input encoder, a neural retriever, and an output generator. These components work together to encode the input prompt, retrieve relevant documents, and generate the final output text. RAG can be implemented using pre-trained Transformers and can benefit from leveraging knowledge graphs for more efficient retrieval of facts. However, there are challenges such as ensuring accurate retrieval, relying on up-to-date data, avoiding redundancy in results, and dealing with prompt length limits.

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首先,文章引用了一些来源,但没有提供其他观点或研究来支持其主张。它只引用了搜索引擎领域的权威网站和Sundar Pichai的言论作为依据。这可能导致信息片面,并且缺乏对其他观点和研究结果的考虑。