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1. Qing' E Formula (QEF) is a traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation consisting of four herbal components: Eucommiae Cortex, Psoraleae Fructus, Juglandis Semen, and Garlic Rhizoma. It is used to tonify the kidney and strengthen muscle and bone, as well as treat symptoms of climacteric syndrome, particularly osteoporosis caused by reduced estrogen production during the perimenopausal period.

2. The study aimed to investigate the compatibility mechanism and estrogen-like action properties of the individual herbal components in QEF using both in vitro and in vivo models. In vitro experiments showed that QEF, Eucommia, and Psoralea promoted cell proliferation and upregulated the expression of estrogen receptor genes in breast cancer cells. In vivo studies demonstrated that QEF and its components increased uterine coefficient, hormone levels, neurotransmitter production, antioxidant activity, and reversed atrophy in the uterus.

3. The results indicated that Eucommia and Psoralea exerted their estrogen-like effects through activation of estrogen receptors. The phytoestrogen components in QEF regulated hormone production and related protein/gene expression, suggesting their therapeutic effects. Notably, QEF exhibited the strongest estrogen-like effects compared to individual components, supporting its therapeutic efficacy. Additionally, QEF was found to reduce toxicity and increase efficiency by counteracting appetite loss caused by one of its components (Psoralea).

Article analysis:

这篇文章主要研究了清' E方剂中四种草药成分的雌激素样效应和生物相容性。然而,文章存在一些潜在的偏见和问题。


其次,文章没有提供足够的背景信息来支持清' E方剂作为治疗更年期综合征和骨质疏松症的有效方法。虽然该方剂在传统中医理论中被认为具有补肾壮骨的作用,但缺乏临床试验数据来支持这一主张。


另一个问题是文章未探讨可能存在的风险或副作用。尽管作者声称清' E方剂能够改善更年期引起的代谢紊乱、增加神经递质产生、增强抗氧化活性等,但并未提及任何可能出现的不良反应或安全性问题。

此外,文章没有提供对研究结果的全面讨论。例如,作者未探讨清' E方剂与其他替代治疗方法相比的优势和劣势,也未提及可能存在的替代治疗选择。

最后,文章中存在一些宣传性内容。例如,作者声称清' E方剂能够减轻由于单独使用柏子仁引起的食欲不振,并解释了该方剂的相容机制。然而,这些主张缺乏充分的证据支持。