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Privacy Policy
Source: durable.co
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Article summary:

1. The Privacy Policy governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when using the Durable website and application.

2. Personal data collected includes email address, first name and last name, cookies and usage data, and social network authentication and posting data.

3. Users have the right to access, correct, amend, delete or limit the use of their personal data.

Article analysis:

The Privacy Policy of Durable Technologies Inc is a comprehensive document that outlines the company's policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data. The article provides definitions for various terms used in the policy, including Personal Data, Usage Data, Cookies, Data Controller, Data Processor, Data Subject, and User.

The article explains that Durable Technologies Inc collects different types of information for various purposes to provide and improve its services. The types of data collected include Personal Data such as email address and first name and last name; Usage Data such as browser type and version; and Tracking & Cookies Data such as session cookies.

The article also mentions that Durable Technologies Inc may use third-party Service Providers to monitor and analyze the use of its service. These Service Providers include Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Google AdWords. However, the article does not provide any information on how these Service Providers collect or use data.

One potential bias in the article is that it presents only one side of the story - that is, Durable Technologies Inc's perspective on privacy policies. The article does not explore any counterarguments or alternative perspectives on privacy policies.

Another potential bias is that the article contains promotional content. For example, it states that Durable Technologies Inc may use Personal Data to contact users with newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other information that may be of interest to them.

Overall, while the Privacy Policy provides detailed information on Durable Technologies Inc's policies regarding privacy protection, it could benefit from more transparency about how third-party Service Providers collect and use data. Additionally, presenting both sides of the argument would make this policy more balanced.