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1. Southwest Jiaotong University is a key national university in China, known for its excellence in engineering and being part of the "Double First Class" and "211 Project" initiatives.

2. The article discusses the art of CHO cell engineering, providing a comprehensive review and future prospects.

3. The article highlights the importance of CHO cells in biopharmaceutical production and explores advancements in genetic engineering techniques for improving their productivity and quality.

Article analysis:

The article titled "CHO细胞工程的艺术:全面的回顾和未来展望" provides a brief overview of the field of CHO cell engineering. However, it is important to note that the content of the article does not align with the title, as it primarily discusses Southwest Jiaotong University and its academic rankings.

One potential bias in this article is its focus on promoting Southwest Jiaotong University. The author spends a significant portion of the text discussing the university's status as a national key university and its inclusion in various prestigious academic programs. This promotional content detracts from the supposed topic of CHO cell engineering and raises questions about the author's intentions.

Furthermore, there are several missing points of consideration in this article. While it briefly mentions CHO cell engineering, it fails to provide any substantial information or insights into this field. The article lacks an in-depth analysis of the current state of CHO cell engineering research, recent advancements, challenges faced by researchers, or potential future directions. This lack of comprehensive coverage limits the usefulness and credibility of the article.

Additionally, there is no evidence provided for any claims made in this article. The author states that Southwest Jiaotong University is a top-ranked institution but does not provide any data or references to support this claim. Without supporting evidence, these claims appear unsubstantiated and potentially biased.

The article also lacks exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives. It presents only one viewpoint focused on promoting Southwest Jiaotong University without considering other universities or research institutions involved in CHO cell engineering. This one-sided reporting further undermines the objectivity and credibility of the article.

Moreover, possible risks associated with CHO cell engineering are not noted in this article. While it may be beyond the scope of this specific piece to discuss risks comprehensively, failing to acknowledge potential ethical concerns or safety issues related to genetic manipulation can be seen as a bias towards promoting the field without considering its potential drawbacks.

In conclusion, this article suffers from several biases and shortcomings. It primarily serves as a promotional piece for Southwest Jiaotong University rather than providing a comprehensive review of CHO cell engineering. The lack of evidence, one-sided reporting, missing points of consideration, and unsupported claims undermine the credibility and objectivity of the article.