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1. Janna Sur Mer in Damour, Lebanon was voted as one of the best sea resorts in the country.

2. The resort features luxurious amenities such as a tropical pool, VIP party pools, Jacuzzi bars, and a Pool bar.

3. Janna Sur Mer offers three outdoor wedding venues and a boutique Hotel for guests to enjoy a tranquil and blissful experience by the Mediterranean Sea.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Janna Was Voted As 1 Of The Best Sea Resort In Lebanon" presents Janna Sur Mer as an upscale beach resort in Damour, Lebanon, highlighting its luxurious amenities and stunning location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. While the description of the resort is certainly enticing, there are several potential biases and shortcomings in the article that need to be addressed.

Firstly, the article fails to provide any evidence or sources to support the claim that Janna Sur Mer was voted as one of the best sea resorts in Lebanon. Without this information, readers are left questioning the credibility of this statement and whether it is based on objective criteria or simply promotional material from the resort itself.

Furthermore, the article only focuses on the positive aspects of Janna Sur Mer, such as its tropical pool, wedding venues, and boutique hotel. There is no mention of any potential drawbacks or negative reviews that guests may have experienced at the resort. This one-sided reporting could give readers a skewed perception of what to expect when visiting Janna Sur Mer.

Additionally, the note at the end of the article stating that a group of guys is not allowed to enter Janna raises concerns about potential discrimination based on gender. This policy could be seen as exclusionary and discriminatory towards male guests, which should have been addressed in a more critical manner within the article.

Overall, while the article paints a glamorous picture of Janna Sur Mer as a top sea resort in Lebanon, it lacks depth and critical analysis. Readers should approach this information with caution and consider seeking out additional sources or reviews before making a decision to visit this resort.