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1. Fashion consumers are reluctant to adopt sustainable changes in their consumption choices, despite a global interest in sustainability and ethics. This presents a challenge for marketers in the fashion industry, as consumers' attitudes towards unethical behavior do not always translate into behavior when it comes to fashion items.

2. Clothing consumption is driven by the desire to create an individual identity within social norms. The desire to be fashionable often outweighs the desire to be ethical or sustainable, highlighting the clash between the desire to consume and efforts to limit consumption. Lack of knowledge about the negative effects of the fashion industry on the environment and other factors such as price, value, trends, and brand image also play a role in determining purchase behavior.

3. The fast fashion phenomenon has revolutionized the clothing industry, leading to a culture of impulse buying and constant turnover of clothing styles. This phenomenon is particularly salient among young female consumers who may have little awareness of the social impact of their fashion choices. Sustainably produced fashion offers an ethical purchasing choice for fashion-conscious consumers while meeting their need for identity construction through consumption.

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