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1. Dr. John Sarno is an American back pain doctor who has gained a cult-like following for his theories that pain is in the mind.

2. His ideas were largely based on hunches and anecdotes, and he never tested them with controlled studies.

3. Despite being derided by his medical peers, Sarno's theories are now being validated by science, as there can be an emotional basis for chronic back pain.

Article analysis:

The article “Dr. John Sarno is America’s most famous back pain doctor. He said pain is in your head” by Vox provides an overview of the life and work of Dr. John Sarno, a renowned American back pain doctor who argued that pain was in people’s heads and could be cured through mental focus. The article presents both positive and negative views of Dr. Sarno’s work, noting that while he had a cult-like following among patients who claimed to have been healed by him, he was also derided by his medical peers for not testing his ideas with controlled studies or having much influence on medical research during his lifetime.

The article does a good job of presenting both sides of the argument fairly and objectively without taking sides or promoting any particular point of view; it acknowledges both the successes and failures of Dr. Sarno’s work while also noting that some of his theories are now being validated by science. However, it does not explore any potential risks associated with relying solely on mental focus to treat chronic back pain, nor does it present any counterarguments to Dr. Sarno’s theories or discuss any other treatments available for chronic back pain besides mental focus. Additionally, the article does not provide any evidence to support its claims about Dr. Sarno’s success rate or the efficacy of his methods; this could lead readers to overestimate the effectiveness of his treatments without considering other options or potential risks involved in relying solely on mental focus to treat chronic back pain conditions.