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1. President Biden took a selfie with Irish nationalist Gerry Adams during his visit to Ireland.

2. Adams was the public face of the IRA terrorist group and was banned from British airwaves in the past.

3. Biden has a history with Adams and has faced accusations of being anti-British during his Irish trip, which the White House denies.

Article analysis:

The Fox News article titled "Biden takes selfie with Irish nationalist Gerry Adams, who was public face of IRA terror group" provides a biased and one-sided view of President Biden's visit to Ireland. The article focuses on the controversial figure of Gerry Adams, who is portrayed as a terrorist and a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). However, the article fails to provide a balanced view of Adams' role in the peace process and his contribution to ending the conflict in Northern Ireland.

The article highlights Adams' alleged involvement in terrorist activities during the height of the IRA's bombing campaign in the 1980s and 1990s. However, it fails to mention that Adams played a key role in moving Sinn Fein away from violence and towards peaceful means of achieving their goals. The Good Friday Agreement, which largely brought an end to the terror campaign, was signed with Adams' help.

Furthermore, the article suggests that Biden has a history of supporting terrorists by arguing against the extradition of IRA suspects to face trial in Britain. However, it fails to mention that Biden was also actively involved in promoting peace in Northern Ireland and played a crucial role in securing funding for community development projects aimed at bringing together Catholics and Protestants.

The article also includes unsupported claims such as Democratic Unionist Party Leader Arlene Foster's statement that "Biden hates the United Kingdom." This claim is not backed up by any evidence or context and appears to be included solely for sensationalism.

Overall, this article presents a one-sided view of President Biden's visit to Ireland and portrays him as sympathetic towards terrorists without providing adequate context or balance. It also includes unsupported claims and lacks critical analysis.