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1. The crisis of the humanities in higher education is a worldwide phenomenon, with concerns spreading extensively.

2. Chinese academic circles have yet to properly address this crisis, despite instances of poisonings and murders amongst Chinese students.

3. The article discusses three sets of problems and explores possible solutions to the crisis in the humanities.

Article analysis:

The article "The Crisis in the Humanities and ‘Invented Tradition’" discusses the crisis of humanities in higher education, particularly in China. The author highlights three sets of problems and proposes possible solutions to address this issue.

However, the article lacks evidence to support its claims. For instance, the author mentions instances of poisonings and murders among Chinese students as an indicator of the seriousness of the crisis. Still, there is no clear connection between these incidents and the crisis in humanities education. Moreover, the author does not provide any data or statistics to support their claim that this crisis is a worldwide phenomenon.

Additionally, the article seems to have a bias towards traditional humanities education. The author argues that one solution to this crisis is to return to traditional teaching methods and focus on classical texts. However, this approach ignores the changing needs of society and fails to recognize that new technologies and interdisciplinary approaches are essential for addressing contemporary issues.

Furthermore, the article overlooks some crucial points of consideration. For example, it does not discuss how economic factors contribute to this crisis or how universities can better integrate humanities education with other disciplines.

Overall, while the article raises important concerns about the crisis in humanities education, it lacks sufficient evidence and presents a biased perspective that may hinder efforts to find effective solutions.