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1. Camilla, the second wife of King Charles, will be crowned queen on Saturday, marking a remarkable turnaround in public acceptance after years of being depicted as the most hated woman in Britain.

2. Camilla's relationship with Charles was exposed to the public in 1993 when a transcript of a secretly recorded private conversation with intimate details was published in newspapers, leading to public outrage and opprobrium towards her.

3. While Camilla has been integrated into a more public role and approved by Queen Elizabeth to take the title Queen Consort, polls suggest she has not won widespread public affection and is among the least popular members of the royal family.

Article analysis:

The Reuters article titled "From 'Rottweiler' to queen - the reinvention of King Charles' wife Camilla" provides a detailed account of the transformation of Camilla, the second wife of King Charles, from being the most hated woman in Britain to becoming Queen Consort. The article highlights how Camilla bore the brunt of media hostility after Princess Diana's death and how she has since been integrated into a more public role within the royal family.

However, the article appears to have some potential biases and missing points of consideration. Firstly, it portrays Camilla as a victim of media hostility without acknowledging her own role in the affair with Charles while he was still married to Diana. This omission could be seen as one-sided reporting that presents only one perspective on the issue.

Secondly, while the article acknowledges that polls suggest Camilla has not won widespread public affection, it fails to explore why this might be so. It does not consider whether her past actions or perceived lack of charisma might have contributed to her unpopularity.

Thirdly, the article quotes royal author Tina Brown as saying that Diana would be "hurling thunderbolts on coronation day" at the idea of Camilla becoming queen. This quote appears to be promotional content designed to generate interest in the article rather than providing any meaningful insight into the issue at hand.

Overall, while the article provides an interesting account of Camilla's transformation from pariah to queen consort, it could benefit from a more balanced approach that considers all perspectives and explores all relevant issues.