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1. Designing systems at the boundary of theory and the unknown requires developing an intuition to guide decisions.

2. The most powerful way to gain insight into a system is by moving between levels of abstraction.

3. An essential skill of modern system designers is using the interactive medium to move fluidly around the ladder of abstraction.

Article analysis:

The article provides a useful overview of how to design systems when there is limited knowledge about them, and suggests that the best way to gain insight into such systems is by moving between levels of abstraction. It also suggests that modern system designers should be able to use interactive media to do this effectively.

The article does not provide any evidence for its claims, nor does it explore any counterarguments or present both sides equally. It also does not mention any potential risks associated with designing systems in this manner, nor does it provide any sources for its claims or discuss any biases that may be present in its arguments. As such, it cannot be considered reliable or trustworthy as a source of information on this topic.