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1. Carbon/Carbon (C/C) composites have become promising candidates for high-temperature thermal structure materials in aerospace fields due to their excellent structural merits.

2. To improve the properties of C/C composites, various 1D nanostructures have been introduced as nanoreinforcements, resulting in great improvements in mechanical and functional properties.

3. This review provides a “1D nanoreinforcements” strategy to further improve the properties of C/C composites, which could be widely used for reference by researchers in the fields of different fiber/matrix composites.

Article analysis:

The article is written by a team of authors from Northwestern Polytechnical University who are experts in the field of carbon/carbon composite materials. The article is published in Advanced Functional Materials, a reputable journal with a high impact factor, indicating that it has undergone rigorous peer review and is likely to be reliable and trustworthy. The article provides an overview of recent progress made in 1D nanostructures reinforced carbon/carbon composites and presents a “1D nanoreinforcements” strategy to further improve the properties of C/C composites. The authors provide evidence for their claims and cite relevant literature throughout the article, making it clear that they have conducted thorough research on this topic before writing this review paper. Furthermore, there are no obvious biases or one-sided reporting present in the article; instead, all sides are presented equally and objectively. Therefore, overall this article can be considered reliable and trustworthy.