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1. Flight 77 disappeared from radar over southern Ohio, possibly due to poor radar coverage and the transponder being switched off.

2. The strange phenomenon of red rain in Kerala, India was found to be caused by microscopic red particles with a biological cell-like structure.

3. Blackstone Group purchased the participating mortgage secured by 7 World Trade Center from Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, but financing issues need to be resolved before further construction can proceed.

Article analysis:

The above article is a collection of random and unrelated text snippets, making it difficult to provide a detailed critical analysis based on its content. It appears to be a compilation of various sources, including unrelated websites and scientific papers, with no clear connection or coherent argument.

The article lacks any clear structure or purpose, making it challenging to identify potential biases or sources of bias. The inclusion of unrelated text snippets from different sources suggests that the article may not have been written with a specific agenda or intention in mind.

Furthermore, the article contains unsupported claims and missing evidence for the claims made. For example, the mention of Flight 77 disappearing from radar over southern Ohio without providing any evidence or further explanation leaves the reader questioning the validity of this statement.

Additionally, there are unexplored counterarguments and missing points of consideration throughout the article. The inclusion of random text snippets makes it difficult to discern any logical argument or discussion being presented.

Overall, the article lacks coherence, evidence, and logical structure. It does not provide a clear analysis or discussion on any particular topic and appears to be a haphazard compilation of unrelated information.