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1. GMOs can cause health issues in humans, such as allergies and reproductive problems.

2. The use of GMOs can harm the environment and impact the future of the world.

3. GMOs infringe on our individual rights as citizens to know what is in our food and make informed decisions about our health.

Article analysis:

The article "Why are genetically modified organisms bad?" presents a one-sided view of GMOs, focusing only on their negative aspects and ignoring any potential benefits. The author makes unsupported claims about the health risks of GMOs, citing tests on rats without providing any context or evidence to support the validity of these studies. Additionally, the article fails to acknowledge that many scientific studies have found no evidence of harm from consuming GMOs.

The article also presents a biased view of corporations and their use of GMOs, suggesting that they prioritize profits over consumer safety. While it is true that corporations seek to make profits, this does not necessarily mean that they are willing to sacrifice consumer safety in order to do so. Furthermore, the article ignores the fact that many farmers choose to use GMOs because they can increase crop yields and reduce the need for harmful pesticides.

The article also overlooks potential benefits of GMOs, such as their ability to increase food production and reduce hunger in developing countries. By presenting only one side of the argument, the article fails to provide a balanced view of the issue.

Overall, while there are valid concerns about the use of GMOs, this article presents an overly negative and biased view of them. It is important for readers to consider both sides of the argument and evaluate scientific evidence before forming an opinion on this complex issue.